WBMH Group

“Every member brings a particular skill set and experience to the team, but all share in being intelligent, ethical, creative thinkers who are passionate about the law. Our complex cases demand knowledge of existing law, the imagination to puzzle out a path to the desired result, and the tenacity and logistical competencies to achieve it. I am proud to work with exceptional individuals who, together, are wholly up to the challenge.”

— David Walther




At Walther Bennett Mayo Honeycutt, Josephine handles the firm’s financial activities, including A/P, A/R and banking. She has always “liked the math” of finance and enjoys investigating, puzzle solving and streamlining financial processes. After years of progressive bookkeeping and accounting experience in medical services and banking, Josephine finally found her niche in law several years ago. She appreciates working in family law and enjoys the team atmosphere at Walther Bennett Mayo Honeycutt, where doing her job well has a direct impact on the smooth functioning of the firm.



Jolene is a native New Mexican, whose experience in environmental law honed both her analytical skills and her ability to track important aspects of cases, while her experience in criminal law taught her the importance of trial preparation and the organization and knowledge of difficult cases. Both skill sets serve her well for the complex cases at Walther Bennett Mayo Honeycutt. Jolene’s decision to move to family law stems from her belief that family law will enable her to have a greater positive influence on people’s lives.



The Law was a career change for Ebony. After years in a fast-paced, East Coast publishing environment, Ebony returned to school, adding a degree in Paralegal Studies to her B.A. in Communications. The career change allows Ebony to really dig into her new work using her strategy, research and communication skills to identify the unique issues of a case.   She enjoys interaction with clients and earning their trust over the lifetime of the case.

Ebony is a New Mexico Notary Public. Outside of the office she enjoys traveling, photography and spending time with family and friends.



Gloria knows that she is often the first contact a client has with Walther Bennett Mayo Honeycutt and she strives to make the experience pleasant. With many years of business experience, she understands that discretion is important, especially for family law clients. She takes care in the details, such as seeing to it that clients move quickly from the reception area to their meeting or to a conference room, or that telephone “hold-time” is kept to a minimum.
Gloria is a native New Mexican. She has lived in several small Northern New Mexico communities, yet has always chosen to work in Santa Fe.