We excel at complex family law

Walther Bennet Mayo Honeycutt was founded by highly experienced law professionals to address the unique needs of family law cases involving intricate finances, multiple geographies or complex conception and custody. These cases require expert counsel able to effectively team with CPAs, estate planners, financial managers and other lawyers, in state or out, as well as the staff, methodologies, and technology to expeditiously handle the high volume of documentation of complex cases.

We are dedicated to getting the best results for our clients whether in litigation, settlement facilitation, collaborative practice, pre/post-nuptial and separation agreements, cohabitation, assisted reproduction, custody, modifications to spousal and child support agreements or appellate work.

WBMH core competencies


Marrying or divorcing is more complicated when the parties have separate or combined substantial assets, hold trust funds, or if they operate a business or professional practice. In these cases, sophisticated financial, valuation and tax issues are often in play.

Walther Bennet Mayo Honeycutt has substantial experience dealing with:

  • deferred compensation
  • improper use of trust assets
  • fraud or financial deception
  • partially vested stock options
  • closely held business valuations
  • piercing trusts or corporate veils


Custody can be a thorny issue. It is always emotionally laden and requires counsel to effectively advocate for the client while ensuring the best interests of the children are served.

Custody can be further complicated by:

  • parental relocation, out-of-state or out-of-country
  • Multi-state or multi-national jurisdiction
  • children conceived prior to marriage or outside of marriage
  • children conceived as the result of artificial insemination, surrogacy or gestational host technologies, especially with the use of genetic material other than that of the intended parents’
  • blended families
  • kinship guardians
  • kinship kidnapping


Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) has advanced much faster than the laws that govern it. There are no federal statutes and state (and international) laws vary and are in constant flux. Prospective parents, donors, and surrogates need attorneys fully versed in the laws to make sure adequate safeguards are put in place to minimize risk.

Walther Bennet Mayo Honeycutt attorneys can help address the following aspects of Assisted Reproductive Technology:

  • participants’ rights and responsibilities
  • intended parents’ legal parentage
  • compensation or reimbursement of expenses
  • confidentiality
  • medical expenses and insurance

Special Masters

Special Masters are highly experienced lawyers who function as adjunct judicial experts on cases requiring in depth knowledge of a particular subject matter, the discretion/flexibility of out-of-open-court proceedings, or simply expeditious case handling. They can be either court-appointed or requested by the lawyers on a case.

The attorneys at Walther Bennett Mayo Honeycutt are qualified and available to act as Special Masters for cases involving any of our core competencies, including cases requiring:

  • an understanding of sophisticated financial, valuation or tax issues, discovery disputes
  • experience with complex custody, including international custody disputes