May 5th, 2018 Although the WBMH partners all have years of experience in family law, May 1st marked the one year anniversary of the attorneys joining forces as WBMH.

– In 2013, David Walther came out of retirement to focus on his passion for complex family law. He formed David Walther Law to represent clients whose divorces involved issues not seen in typical divorces, including complex
finances, custodial issues or multiple geographies. It was a gamble: concentrating all your firm’s efforts on an unproven market niche always is. But it was a niche Walther felt could be better served by a law firm formed to effectively interface not only with the client, but with the teams of CPAs, financial advisors and estate planners, in state and out, that typically are part of a complex divorce as well.

David Walther Law started out with Walther’s deep experience in family law as the firm’s key asset. In the early days, he operated out of shared office space and had only a part-time office assistant. His strategy was sound and the practice grew. Within a year, he had brought on another lawyer, Amber MacĂ­as-Mayo, to ensure the firm could handle the ever-increasing workload. Veteran family lawyer Michael Golden joined the firm, of counsel, a year later.

Across town, another exceptionally experienced family lawyer, Sarah Bennett, was teaming with Morgan Honeycutt to build a high-end family law practice at Rothstein Donatelli. Also dealing with complex finances and custody cases, Bennett and Honeycutt brought collaborative skills as well as litigation and mediation to their family law practice.

Then, somebody had a great idea: merger. The complex cases both firms were taking on called for specific expertise, a highly efficient and capable back office, forward-thinking technology and a very high level of customer service. Bringing together the lawyers already concentrating on this market segment seemed to make a lot of sense.

It did.

Last Friday, Walther Bennett Mayo Honeycutt P.C., the firm formed by the merger, celebrated its first anniversary with an open house and birthday party. The party drew a host of community professionals to congratulate WBMH on a successful year. And what a success! WBMH is now one of the largest firms dedicated to family law in New Mexico. With a head count of legal professionals and staff of 14, WBMH has come a long way since the early days of David Walther’s vision.

WBMH serves New Mexico and out-of-state clients from offices located at 123 E. Marcy Street, Suite 205, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
For more information, please visit or contact Amber Macias-Mayo at 505-795-7117.